VF100 Filter

Saves Time – Fast Flowrate for clean and safe water

Saves Money – Fewer trips to the Clinic; Less missing work or school

Saves Health – No more stomach ache and diarrhea; Nutrition Value of Food increases by 40%

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0.1 micron absolute — No bacteria, protozoa, or cysts

It’s Simple — No Chemicals, No Construction, use any plastic bucket or plastic bottle

No Replacement Parts

Attach it to a spigot with hose threads

Cost Efficient — One system provides clean and safe water for pennies a day over its lifetime.

Fast Flow — supplies 1 liter every 2 minute

Easy Maintenance — Just back flush each use

Long Lasting — with proper maintenance it can last many years for an entire family

Disaster Relief — fast solution to a clean water need

Meets and exceeds EPA standards — removal of bacteria and protozoa is at a higher “log” rate than EPA standard

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Weight 1 lbs