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Water Filters

Each of our filters for personal use, family use, or facility feature chemical and/or bacterial removal.

  • Ceramic Filters

    Ceramic Filters (1)

  • Ionized Silver / Activated Carbon

    Ionized Silver / Activated Carbon (3)

  • theBlackBox Series

    theBlackBox Series (1)

  • Village Filter

    Village Filter (3)

  • Travel Filters

    Travel Filters (1)

  • Bucket


    Durable 5 gallon bucket with resealable lid.

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  • Kohler Clarity

    Kohler Clarity

    KOHLER Clarity is about solving a problem.

    KOHLER Clarity is incredibly simple to use and maintain. Backed by Kohler’s commitment to quality, it’s made with Kohler’s philosophy of fusing aspirational design and technology. And, most important, Clarity helps partners provide the quality products people want.

    Safe Water. For All.
    Kohler has a long history of product design and manufacturing that seamlessly blends form and function. Now, we are bringing our expertise to WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) initiatives worldwide to help solve health and hygiene problems, such as limited access to safe drinking water. In our research into providing safe drinking water to all, we realized there was a tremendous opportunity to improve both the performance and design of the water filters currently available in developing nations. So we challenged our industrial designers and engineers to create a better filter. We believe they did just that with the KOHLER® Clarity™ system.

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  • MadiDrop


    The M‑Drop is an excellent tool for continued prevention of waterborne disease and illness at the household level. Use it to…

    • Disinfect the household’s daily water supply.
    • Address residual contamination left behind by other treatments.
    • Protect stored water from contamination.

    Science in Action

    The M‑Drop releases silver ions into water at a precise, consistent concentration. Silver ions are highly effective at eliminating waterborne pathogens and disease. Our proprietary process creates millions of tiny silver clusters attached to the ceramic. Ions released from the clusters disinfect the water, and are completely safe for human consumption. The M-Drop works consistently for at least 200 days!

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  • theBlackBox High Volume (BBHV)

    theBlackBox High Volume (BBHV)

    At the heart of our BlackBox Series water filtration systems, the BBHV is a simple-to-use and effective point-of-use, clean water solution that makes clean water a reality for
    thousands of people at just pennies a day for the life of the unit.

    Key Features

    • Exceeds EPA standards for potable water
    • Made for off-grid battery operation
    • Processes 38 liters (10 Gallons) per minute
    • Includes automated filter maintenance
    • Provides a 7-10 year life (pending source water turbidity)



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Ecological Products

Product manufactured by Cosas Mejores para su vida S.A, La Antigua, Guatemala

  • Metal Housing

    Metal Housing (2)

  • Wood Furniture

    Wood Furniture (1)

  • Solar Lighting

    Solar Lighting (1)

  • Wood Burning Stoves

    Wood Burning Stoves (1)

  • CM – Prefab 1222

    CM – Prefab 1222

    This is our standard metal house (the CM – Prefab House 1216) with a 6ft extension. Constructed with galvanized steel and built to last. Each home is 12’x22′ single room and comes with two windows and a door – with a lock and key and a concrete floor.

    Manufactured at 

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  • CM – Bunk Beds

    CM – Bunk Beds

    Key Features
    Two levels – 210 x 104 x 152.5 cm
    Built of pine
    10 cm thick Foam mattresses
    Simple assembly with standard wood screws
    Manufactured at 
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  • CM – Prefab 1216

    CM – Prefab 1216

    Our standard metal housing is a prefabricated kit. Constructed with galvanized steel these homes are built to last. Each home is 12’x16′ single room and comes with two windows and a door – with a lock and key and a concrete floor.

    Manufactured at 

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