Studies show that the average Guatemalan family of 4 persons will use conservatively 10-15 gallons of water every 5-6 days for drinking and cooking purposes. In many regions of Guatemala are a large number of people without access to pure drinking water. This is caused by several factors including – No access to fresh rain water for long portions of the year; Their community water source is contaminated with by products from landfills and/or trash dumping, biological waste from farming processes and in many cases the expulsion of raw sewage directly into the rivers.

filter_solucion02Because of the general condition of the water that is available, families are forced to make a choice either to take chances with their health drinking uncertain water or pay extra for potable water. They can either purchase bottled water or spend additional resources in gas and/or firewood. Consumers can pay as much as Q250-Q300 every month simply to acquire water suitable for drinking and cooking. Pending their economic situation this monthly health expense is a constraint too much to bare.

Assuming the source water cannot be cleaned then the solution is to provide anend user option that does not sacrifice any more of the household budget than is necessary. For a one time investment in a simple Sawyer© filter your typical Guatemalan family can improve their health and household economy – whose factors are of paramount importance for the progress and development of any country. In most cases the filter will pay for itself in saving the cost for bottled water and/or the firewood and gas expended to boil water, within the first 5 months.

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Results of the water test of the Río Guacalate – Sacatepéquez