The M‑Drop is an excellent tool for continued prevention of waterborne disease and illness at the household level. Use it to…

• Disinfect the household’s daily water supply.
• Address residual contamination left behind by other treatments.
• Protect stored water from contamination.

Science in Action

The M‑Drop releases silver ions into water at a precise, consistent concentration. Silver ions are highly effective at eliminating waterborne pathogens and disease. Our proprietary process creates millions of tiny silver clusters attached to the ceramic. Ions released from the clusters disinfect the water, and are completely safe for human consumption. The M-Drop works consistently for at least 200 days!


Simple steps to continuous safe water and better health.

Longer Time = Better Disinfection

The M‑Drop release silver ions at a steady rate over time, so the longer it’s in the water, the higher the concentration of silver ions and the better it disinfects. Here are some guidelines to follow to effectively use an M‑Drop to prevent waterborne disease and illness:

• If your water supply only needs protection against contamination then the M‑Drop will start working within a couple of hours of placing in a water container. It’s a highly effective solution for safe water storage. By leaving it in a water container, it will keep the water safe from contamination for weeks.
• If you only need to eliminate low levels of contamination, because your water is pre-filtered or comes from a relatively clean source, then the M‑Drop will effectively remove any residual or low-levels of contamination within 10 hours or overnight.
• However, if your water comes from an unprotected source like a river, lake, shallow or unprotected well, you can assume a moderate to high-level contamination. In this case, we recommend leaving the M‑Drop in this water for at least 24 hours to kill all the pathogens.

1 M‑Drop Per 10 liters of WaterEach M‑Drop is optimized to treat 10 liters of water per day, however a single M‑Drop will work in any volume of water up to 20 liters. The larger the volume of water, the longer it takes the M‑Drop to disinfect the water.

Here are some guidelines to follow to effectively use an M‑Drop in different volumes of water:

• An M‑Drop will disinfect as little as 2 liters of water within 4 to 6 hours, depending on level of contamination.
• For 10 liters of water, we recommend at least 10 hours for low levels of contamination, and 24 hours for moderate to high levels of contamination.
• In 20 liters of water, the M‑Drop will take longer, but still works equally as well. If the water is clean (free of contamination), it will keep the water safe and free of contamination for weeks. If the water is not clean (contains pathogens), you may need to wait 48 to 72 hours before consuming the water.

Leave the M-Drop in the Container

The M‑Drop is designed to be left in a designated drinking water container and not removed or touched. By doing this, the M‑Drop provides ongoing protection from waterborne pathogens by building up a barrier of silver ions in the water container. This helps increase the effectiveness of the M‑Drop and protect people against waterborne disease and illness.

A True Safe Water Storage Solution!Unlike other methods, such as chemical treatments which require regular retreating, an M‑Drop simply needs to be placed and remain in a water storage container to keep it free of pathogens and harmful organisms.

Other Important Guidelines About Using the M‑Drop

• The M‑Drop does NOT stop working after six months! The silver ions released by the M‑Drop may begin to slow or reduce after six months, resulting in the need to be left in the water for a longer time to work effectively. Testing has shown silver ion levels do not begin to slow down for at least six months, and when the release of silver ions do begin to slow down, they gradually do so over an additional 6 to 12 months.
• The M‑Drop, which is porous clay, does not dissolve in water. However, it may change in color once it is in use, which is normal.
• Do NOT use the M‑Drop with Chlorine! The silver in the M‑Drop reacts with chlorine and changes the color of the water. This should not affect disinfection, but the water is unsightly and may have an unpleasant taste.
• To discard a M‑Drop, simply throw away into the trash, or break it into pieces and disperse them on the ground. The M‑Drop is made of all natural materials (clay and silver) and will not harm the environment.