Large plancha; 16” x 32”
Large strong table
Large fuel entry point for firewood
Easy to install
8’ long-lasting Aluzinc Chimney
Efficient combustion chamber
Steel base option
Metal shell for strength and durability


The Chispa Hogar stove was designed to satisfy the demands of the typical Guatemalan Family. It utilizes an insulated ‘hybrid rocket’ combustion that combines the efficiency of a rocket combustion chamber with the size and power of a traditional stove or open fire.

The design goal was to produce a stove that people really want and enjoy using. It is base on our combined experiences of working with cookstoves and the feedback our team has received from end users over the years.

The Chispa Hogar features a large cooking surface with removable rings to allow the pots to be in direct contact with the flames which improves heat transfer to the food. These rings also allow the use of traditional clay pots or uneven warped metal pots and pans. The larger rocket combustion chamber offers a great balance between power and efficiency.and will happily boil large pots of food while keeping fuel consumption low. The stove design incorporates large solid tables that provide a clean cooking surface for preparing food. Pumice insulation is used to ensure an efficient clean burn and to keep the body of the stove at a safe temperature to eliminate burns. The Chispa Hogar is delivered as one piece meaning that installation is fast and easy.

We offer a budget option of the stove body which can be installed on a concrete block base or a fully portable option with a steel base.