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  • Kohler Clarity

    Kohler Clarity

    KOHLER Clarity is about solving a problem.

    KOHLER Clarity is incredibly simple to use and maintain. Backed by Kohler’s commitment to quality, it’s made with Kohler’s philosophy of fusing aspirational design and technology. And, most important, Clarity helps partners provide the quality products people want.

    Safe Water. For All.
    Kohler has a long history of product design and manufacturing that seamlessly blends form and function. Now, we are bringing our expertise to WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) initiatives worldwide to help solve health and hygiene problems, such as limited access to safe drinking water. In our research into providing safe drinking water to all, we realized there was a tremendous opportunity to improve both the performance and design of the water filters currently available in developing nations. So we challenged our industrial designers and engineers to create a better filter. We believe they did just that with the KOHLER® Clarity™ system.

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